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The main objective of the Power2SME project is to provide SMEs with an advanced energy services platform. This platform offers access to integrated data that allows SMEs to manage and improve energy consumption, reduce their costs, making them more ecological and sustainable.

Power2SME provides new value-added services in energy efficiency, through an attractive, user-friendly and interactive interface that increases the level of awareness of any user in relation to energy consumption.

In addition, the project has developed a tool that allows analyzing consumer behavior, providing different consumption profiles, which could be used as guides and which offer recommendations to the user of the application, such as how and when to carry out certain actions to adapt the consumption of any company to its needs.

Above all, the Power2SME project contributes to the European objectives for 2020: reduction in the emission in Europe of gases that cause the greenhouse effect and improvement of energy efficiency [European Parliament and Council, Directive 2012/27 / EU].

The project offers a new product that allows you to manage and display data about the use of energy. The same application allows SMEs will help to stay aligned with certifications such as ISO: 50001 (Energy Management) and ISO: 14000 (Environmental Management), since it establishes some energy management procedures taking into account those standards.

The project, with a duration of 30 months and a total budget of 1.154.000€, started in November 2015 and has executed by a consortium composed by companies of 3 countries (Spain, Austria y Romania). In Spain, the project, executed in Madrid, has been funded by funds CDTI and FEDER with the registration number EXP 00083833 / IDI-20151152 and a total amount of 391.523,6€.

Carbon fingerprint

  • Reduce fossil energy consumption
  • Reduce indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Money savings

  • Optimize the activity planning
  • Cut energy costs.
  • Rise the productivity.
  • Increase sales opportunities


Energy consumption

  • Obtain data from third parties.
  • Filter external data.
  • Know the real energy consumption
  • Know the consumption of renewable energy.


  • Facilitating the obtaining of certified informs.
  • Have good energy consumption practices.
  • Have a supporting tool for decision making.
  • Optimize the processes of the company
  • MIncrease the company reputation and its positioning.

TIn summary, the objectives that are intended to achieve with the development of the Power2SME platform are the following:



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